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We are very excited to bring you our farm-fresh pork directly from our farm in Catawba.  We will be featuring products from our farm in our lunch menu, and in our new line of “take-and-bake” meals.

We raise an old, heritage breed of hog on our farm.  They are known as Hereford Hogs, and are well know for an excellent quality meat.  Unlike the modern, commercial “pink pig” raised in confinement facilities, the meat from our hogs is not a dull, lifeless, almost white color, but a vibrant pink.  Our hogs fatten well on pasture, so you can expect juicy sausage, hams, chops, and shoulders.

Our emphasis will be on bringing ready-to-eat, and take-and-ba,ke products for your home, but we will offer frozen meat by the pound as well.  We will be adding a freezer display in the store soon so you can pick up your next meal when you are in the store.