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Who We Are

About Us

Willow Pond Bakery is a family owned and operated bakery in the heart of the beautiful Catawba Valley. We operate a small, family farm in the scenic Catawba valley where we raise cows, hogs, and chickens.


Then & Now

The journey from city-dwelling corporate employees to farm running bakers has been a slow one.


The Winds of Change

Working for Washington Mutual (WaMu) in Seattle came to a shocking end as the bank failed.  This presented a unique opportunity to relocate “back home” to Virginia to reset our lives.


The Farmers Markets

Having spent the previous 6 years learning how to take care of cows, pigs, and chickens, we decided to enter into the local farmers market in Catawba to share our passion for clean, pure, and natural foods with those around us.  We quickly branched off to farmers markets in Botetourt county.


Wedding Cakes and Wholesale

Our baked goods were always a hit at the farmers markets, consistently selling out we started to take custom orders.  This rapidly morphed into wedding cakes for local brides.  A local restaurant also heard about out quality products, so we became the bakers for Angelle’s Diner in Troutville.


Grandin Village

Demand for our products continues to outpace our abilities in our small, home-based state inspected kitchen.  When the opportunity presented itself to build out a spot in the historic Grandin Village area, we jumped on it.  Three months later, with alot of blood, sweat, and tears shed, we opened our first retail location in July 2017.


Salem House

Only eight months into our retail venture in Grandin, it has become evident that we need to grow again.  We moved our bakery in Grandin Village to the Salem House location.


... back to the Farm

Our wholesale line has continued to grow, and the demand for our product outpaced our ability to keep up.  We decided to close our retail store in Salem, so that we could focus on fulfilling on demand through our wholesale partners in Troutville and Salem.  We continue to offer Wedding Cakes and line of custom cakes, direct to customers, but no longer have a retail front-end.

Our Services


From fresh, handmade croissants to scones and cinnamon rolls, we offer a full line of pastries to meet your every need!

Custom Cakes

Wedding, anniversaries, birthdays and parties are perfect occasions for cake.  Talk with our cake designer to make the perfect cake for your special day!


Made from scratch with no added preservatives, additives, or fillers.  Try our traditional cheesecakes, or go on the wild side for a creative, one-of-a-kind flavor creation with our custom cheesecakes, like our S’mores Cheesecake!