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Death to Diets

$70.00 / per cake

Chocolate overload explosion in the convenient form of a cake!  Four layers of chocolate cake with cream cheese frosting, ganache, and chocolate buttercream is topped with more chocolate ganache and a white chocolate ganache drip.  Swirls of chocolate butter cream is sprinkled generously with chocolate shavings.  This cake is a TALL cake, and easily serves 10 generous portions.  Party slices can feed up to 20 servings.

Lead Time: 7 days

Ordering Advice

This product is not made until it is ordered.  Depending on availability of ingredients, this can take upwards of three days to complete.  Order well in advance, and specify the date/time you’d like to pick it up.  Pickup at the farm, or at the Botetourt Farmers Market on Saturday mornings (seasonally).

About our Bakery

Willow Pond Bakery has been in operation since 2014 when we started attending local farmers markets.  We had opened stores in Grandin and Salem, but returned to our first love on the farm.  This has been a good transition for our family because we can focus on delivering an excellent product without the worrisome distractions in operating a store front.  You can have the best of all worlds now with the convenience of online shopping, and pickup on the farm or at the farmers market.


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